Therapy for Anxiety, Trauma & Relationship Problems in Asheville

You’re struggling with the messy ways that stress, anxiety, or your past shows up in your life. You worry a lot. There is a little voice inside your head that does a pretty good job convincing you that you are a terrible person. It shows up when you are about to start something new or berates you when you make a mistake. It keeps you from being present with people, making decisions, and manifesting your dreams. 

What  if Your Inner Hater Could Become Your Own Inner Healer?

pronouns are she/ her/ hers. Click  here  to learn more about Tracy Davis-Black..

pronouns are she/ her/ hers. Click here to learn more about Tracy Davis-Black..

Hi, I am Tracy Davis-Black I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Trauma Specialist, and EMDR Therapist. I use a collaborative people-centered approach and powerful therapeutic tools like EMDR and IFS to help people uncover their own innate healing abilities so that they can find liberation from worry, overwhelm, and live life with ease.

My services are radically inclusive. I welcome people of ALL GENDERS, SEXUAL ORIENTATIONS, RACES, CULTURES, FAITHS, ABILITIES, SIZES, & LIFESTYLES. If you would like to learn more about what I mean by radically inclusive therapy click HERE.

In my Asheville therapy office, I offer:

Being a Human is Messy – Let’s Help You Find the Freedom in That

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My office is located in Asheville, NC at POiNT Health Collective @ 264 Haywood Road, and I serve clients and in the surrounding Western North Carolina, including Weaverville, Hendersonville, Arden, Candler, Fairview, Leicester, and Swannanoa. I also offer virtual services to residents of North Carolina & California

Perhaps the most valuable thing that we can learn in life is how to develop the kind of inner structure that is both sturdy and flexible, solid and adaptable, hardy and responsive, so that we can hold the heart-breaks, bear witness to our struggle and be with the uncertainty of our path.
— Chani Nicholas